Spray on Truck Liner

Spray on Truck Bedliners

Why Get A Spray-On Truck liner For Your Truck Or Van?

Whether it’s for work or play, your truck’s bed can take a beating and become damaged over time. A spray-on bedliner applied by a professional will help you extend the longevity of your vehicle for years to come. 

What Is A Spray-On Truck Bedliner?

A spray-on bedliner is one type of bedliner that gets sprayed onto your truck’s bed, hence the name. 

Learn how to choose the best spray-on bedliner for your truck.

Benefits Of Spray-On Truck Bedliners

  • Durability: More durable than a drop-in bedliner, and resistant to corrosion.
  • Long-lasting: Many spray-on bedliners will last you longer than the life of your truck, if applied professionally.
  • Watertight: Spray-on bedliners adhere to the steel on your truck, preventing any water from getting trapped and causing corrosion or rust.
  • Value: Having a spray-on bedliner installed increases the resale value of your vehicle.

Why Choose Cobra Car And Truck to Install Your Spray-On Bedliner?

  • Cobra has been providing car and truck accessories for more than a quarter-century to hundreds of pickup truck and car lovers.
  • We are experts at what we do.
  • We offer top-notch service with our friendly and dedicated staff.
  • We can help guide you through the best options to fit your unique needs.


* $50 Non-refundable deposit required when Booking appointment
* Rebooking requires 24 hours notice

Spray-on Truck Liner FAQs 

An Xtreme Spray-on Liner is a two-component, modified polyurea formulation. It is 100% solid and is fast setting. Things about Spray-on Liners you should know:

What’s better, a Spray-on Truck Liner or a Drop-in Liner?
  • Initial cost - Drop-in Liner
  • Fit - Spray-on Liner
  • Appearance - Spray-on Liner
  • Protection from rust - Spray-on Liner
  • Anti skid/slide - Spray-on Liner
  • Compatible with other add-ons - Spray-on Liner
  • Road noise - Spray-on Liner
What makes one Spray-on Liner best?
  • Quality - We use the same quality product as as Ford, GMC and Ram
  • UV resistance - How quickly will it fade and go chalky
  • Impact resistance - Can it stand up to abuse
  • Appearance - You want a rough sandpaper finish, not a smooth finish rubbery
How long does it take to do a Spray-on Liner in a Pickup Truck?

If you make an appointment, it will be ready the same day, the process typically takes 3 hours. We will provide you with an accurate answer based on the information we receive.

What should I do to prepare my truck for a Spray-on Liner appointment?

Remove everything from the truck bed and sweep out debris. Wash the bed and tailgate with soap; any oil, grease or rustproofing residue must be removed. A charge for cleaning may be assessed. Bring the truck in completely dry if possible (reduces time). Any rust, paint, concrete droppings, etc., will have to be removed at a cost to be determined. Accessories such as tonneau covers and ladder racks will have to be removed. Before putting the truck to work, get it sprayed.

Can other accessories be installed in a truck with a Spray-on LIner?

Yes, that is one of the biggest advantages of a Sprayed-on Liner. A perfect fit ensures products designed for your truck will still fit your truck.

Can a Spray-on Bedliner be fixed?

Yes, Sprayed-on Liners are repairable, so do not hesitate to contact us if you happen to experience a mishap.

What are the benefits of a Spray-on bed liner?
  • Protection from impacts
  • Protection from rust
  • Appearance
  • Anti ski characteristics
  • Fit. Does not interfere with other accessory installations
  • Reduced road noise
What can be protected with Spray-on Liner material?

In addition to the bed of your pickup, other applications for a Spray-on Liner are:

Van floors, Trailer floors, Jeep floors

Vehicle steps, Truck side bars, Factory bumpers

Truck rocker panels, Grill guards, Grilles

Chrome accessories, Offroad bumpers and steps, Concrete floors (skid resistance)

High wear areas such as steps and ramps.                       

 Check Out Some Of Our Projects Below: 

Ford F550 Super Duty

This Ford F550 work truck had the rear bumper sprayed as well as inside the bed.

Jeep Wrangler Interior

This Jeep Wrangler had the entire interior covered in our spray liner. Ready for the trails!

Jeep Wrangler Bumper

This Jeep Wrangler had the front bumper spray lined. No more stone chips and rust on this bumper!