Choose the Right Truck Bed Liner to Protect Your Truck

Choose the Right Truck Bed Liner to Protect Your Truck

Your truck is a hardy vehicle, but it needs good care to keep it that way. The truck’s bed needs good protection to carry tons of heavy cargo through long distances. From fragile furniture to heavy construction materials, there’s a lot that your truck needs to haul around day after day.

The metal in your truck is exposed to harsh weather elements too. Insufficient care can lead to oxidation and rust that eventually leads to thousands of dollars on costly repairs. A bed liner protects your vehicle from unsightly rust, wear and tear, extends the life of your truck, enhances the look and saves you from spending unnecessarily on costly repairs. 

Good accessories are vital to keep your truck in the best condition for years and increase its resale value. Bed liners act as a shock absorber that reduces cargo damage and keeps the goods from sliding around. It keeps them safe from water damage. There are several types of truck bed liners available to keep your vehicle in good shape. See how they weigh against each other:

Spray-on Liners

Made from a material that can be easily sprayed to stick to the truck bed from an applicator, this liner offers excellent protection in many ways. It saves your truck from water damage, corrosion, scratches and rust. Spray-on liners provide air-tight and water-tight protection.

Drop-in Liners

Drop-ins are fitted plastic sheets that are bolted into place on your truck bed. They are not air-tight or water-tight like the spray-ons. There are gaps at the edges and the bolts are prone to loosening over time too. If you hear rattling noises around the bed liner, loose bolts may be the culprit. It takes a bit of work to maintain this type of bed liner. You need to inspect the bolts from time to time, tightening them if needed. On the bright side, they are less expensive than premium spray-ons. 

Carpet & Rubber Liners

There are a few other varieties of truck bed liners beyond the above two, that are also more affordable. To keep fragile items safe during transport, carpet truck bed liners are yet another option. Rubber and wood liners are available too but as you can guess, they may not hold up as well as the spray-ons and drop-ins. Rubber and wood liners are prone to cracks while carpet liners can get ripped or frayed. Wood liners are vulnerable to damage from humidity and water. 

Spray-Ons: Maximum Protection, Minimum Maintenance

It’s important to make the right choice in accessories to keep your truck in the best shape. Spray-on liners are really the most hassle-free. There is no concern about gaps around the edges if the liner doesn’t align to the exact specifications so there is no fear of corrosion, rust or water damage. All that’s needed is uniform application. Spray-ons fits any truck bed size or shape. It requires minimum maintenance and offers maximum protection. 

Cobra Car & Truck Spray-On Liners, Mississauga

At Cobra, we are dedicated to providing you with custom solutions for each vehicle’s unique needs. We don’t believe in one size fits all formulas. Drop into our showroom to check out our vast inventory of vehicle accessories and durable truck bed liners. Our spray-on liners are high-quality and easy to apply. For any guidance, feel free to consult our knowledgeable staff; they will help you find solutions that are tailor-made for your needs.