For many new car owners, their car is a finished product. Yet, there are a lot of add-ons that are still needed to make it perfect. Trailer hitches for towing, roof racks for skis and boxes, window tinting for privacy, dash cameras for security are just some of the products owners add to their vehicles to satisfy their requirements. Imagine your commute with sound quality that isolates and enhances the musical nuances to a level only available in premium automobiles.

In today’s market of vehicle sophistication, you want a company that has the years of experience necessary to ensure the optimum mix of accessories to make it all work for you. Cobra has been there since 1984. Call us or, better, visit our showroom and let us help you.

When it comes to your car, altering or adding to it can transform it from ho hum and dysfunctional to the perfect ride. Having the perfect car makes driving and commuting all the more enjoyable. Cobra provides all drivers with a wide variety of car accessory options to personalize your ride! All of our options are well priced and well worth the value. Whether you know what you're looking for or want help, one of our many knowledgeable and experienced staff members can help you navigate our options.

Our car accessories enhance the performance, style, and utility of your vehicle. Take your ride to the next level and choose from many of our top accessories, including:

One of our products can surely solve issues you and your automotive loved one are faced with. Visit us in-store to browse through our vast selection. Our staff know all of our products and their uses inside and out. Each member is dedicated to serving customers to the best of our ability.

If you are looking to make improvements to your car body, we have you covered there too. Cobra offers anti-rust products and even window tinting supplies and services. Both anti-rust and tinted windows not only improve your driving experience and car’s style, they also increase the value of your vehicle. We offer free quotes, so call today for yours.

Call us or visit the store to make inventory inquiries!


Pickup trucks are the vehicle most defined by their owner. Work truck for the trades, office for field managers, hauler of goods, off road machine and basic transport for the urban cowboy.

Each user has a different setup necessary for them to do their job. Tool boxes, ladder racks and suspension upgrades convert a pickup truck into a work horse. Vans need shelving, partitions and ladder racks to convert them for the job at hand. Emergency lighting to warn traffic that work is underway.

Work vehicles do not come ready to go from the manufacturer. Internet connectivity, GPS tracking, dash cameras and security need to be added so a supervisor can function in their mobile office.

Hauling trailers and cargo is a common task for a work truck. Heavy duty hitches, fifth wheels, goose necks and brake controllers are some of the products that increase the quantity of work your vehicle can do for you.

And then there are those of us who just love our trucks. We want to raise the suspension and add eye catching rims with big beefy tires. Ya, it’s mostly a guy thing and it reflects who we are. We want to crank up our tunes, grab a sheet of plywood to finish that job for the misses or just throw our golf clubs under the protection of a quality truck box cover.

Practical, functional or eye popping, a truck has to serve its owner. Cobra has been customizing vehicles since 1984. Our hands on experience means we know when your vehicle upgrade might require putting a square peg in a round hole. Let us be there to help.

Trucks are used for a lot more than driving. These strong vehicles excel in almost every environment. With the ability to carry a large amount of goods and possessions, these vehicles are truly remarkable. That being said, sometimes your truck needs something a little extra to meet all of your needs. Cobra offers drivers a wide variety of customizations to add onto their truck.

Once you decide on your accessories, ask our staff for help with installation. We can install any and all of our products onto your car for you. Visit our location for more information or to browse the inventory. We know how important your truck is to you and your business, so make it just as unique as you!

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Cobra Car and Truck Accessories


You will benefit from the vast product knowledge of our core staff - many of which have been with us since we opened in 1984. We provide you with recommendations based on our handson experience with the performance of our products for different demands.