Always pleased with the service of my vehicles when I take them here. I’ve taken multiple vehicles of mine here to be tinted, all different makes (BMW, Ford, Mazda) and have been pleased to see that the work done has lasted for years! Would recommend anyone looking to get their windows tinted get them done here.

Sage Monterio On October 2023

Huge variety, great products, got trailer hitch and more

Jason Gervais On Oct 12, 2015

Excellent help

very informative. ..wide selection of items for your vehicle.

Chris Gaudet on June 02, 2015

Excellent customer service. Great service!

Car starter unit no longer worked in 2010 Rav4. Replaced remote unit's battery but did not solve the problem. Made one call to Cobra and was able to set an appointment the same week for the Saturday. The vehicle was in and out within 45 minutes. The charge was only 1/2 hour for labor as all that was required was re-programming of the system. Pleasant staff, honest and prompt service. Definitely going to use again if needed.

John Petropanagos on Mar 21, 2015

I had backup sensors installed and they suggested to direct wire my GPS which turned out to be wonderful idea because it freed up the outlet for other uses. Definitely a great place to get work done quick and efficient. Excellent work and their pricing beat all competitors. The work was completed about 10 months ago with no issues.

Roy Gudnasonon Jan 12, 2015


Great service, we've been dealing with them for a LOOOOONG time!

Rocci Rocci on Dec 29, 2014

Very good

I've been dealing with Cobra for over 20 years. My experience with them has been basically perfect. They've tinted all the windows and done stereos from my cars and my friends' cars. I've never had problems with the stuff they order. No returns because they make sure it's the right part they order.

George Hucal on Sep 03, 2014

Excellent Service!

When I contacted Cobra and explained the urgency of my situation, they recommended a great product (Viper car alarm). It was ordered and installed within 2 days. Thanks to Cobra I can now be alerted (plus the whole neighbourhood) if my car is vandalized again. Thank You!

Anne Matto on Mar 28, 2014

Excellent Job

The guys at Cobra installed some H.I.D lights for me and everything went well. A hassle free experience.

Larry Suzuki on Feb 14, 2014

Overall experience has been very good

I've worked with Cobra for over twenty years. When you go in there and ask for something, they research it for us and find what we're looking for. Any problem that comes up, we go back and they fix it so we've never had a bad experience with them ever. I bought my first vehicle in 1989. I went there to have it outfitted and I've been bringing several more vehicles there since then. It's better than even asking a relative for help!

Donald Thiel on Feb 11, 2014

Excellent and efficient

I love Cobra Truck Accessories. They're really great and I love what they do. I almost use them monthly because I love how good they are at taking care of my truck. Just last week I got a drop in liner from them at a great price. Their body work is seamless. The woman who works at the front desk is very courteous and helpful. I really felt like she took the time to answer all of my questions. The owner, Denise, is also very honest and apt with getting things done correctly. Every experience with them has been quick, easy, and clear. I'd recommend them any day.

Rob Charatte on Feb 11, 2014

Excellent Service. Best Prices

I own a towing company and have 45 trucks. I have been a customer of Cobra for quite some time. Trust me I have dealt with multiple companies and Cobra is the best. They have the best prices. If a manufacturer has a better price they match it for me. My trucks are down there on a regular basis. Sometimes we only keep them two or three years. The collision shop is also run very well. If you have any problems you can send the truck back and they take care of it for you right away. Ben and Mo are great and always look out for me. The service is excellent!

Danny G on Feb 11, 2014

The best place to get your truck accessories at decent cost

I have personally visited few other competitors and cobra came up with the most decent pricing and service. Their installers know what they're doing and do it well. I am pleased with their service and decent pricing. (Example, I got quoted mud flaps for front and back and installation slightly over $200 -installation being almost half of the total ........... "hitch city" wanted about $180-$240 just for the installation. Big savings in this case. I also got a truck cap from cobra a while back and things are smooth no complaints about any service or sales .....highly recommend this shop.....

Anonymous on May 07, 2012

Excellent experience overall

Kirsten right from the start did everything she could and then some to find a hitch in time and to clarify all of my questions regarding what exactly I needed to pull my trailer. It was so nice to see that people/companies do care about the customer still.

Nikki Munro on Jul 07, 2013

I went to Uhaul and got a hitch installed on my Mercedes Benz ML350, but after some time of trying they could not do the wiring. I called the Mercedes dealership, they wanted to charge me 700 dollars. I went to Cobra and for $470 I got both the wiring and a brake controller installed on the vehicle, with no problems! Thanks guys

Anonymous on Mar 14, 2012

Excellent place

Very cordial ownership, good deals and I have been going for oil sprays for over 20 years!!!!

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2012

Terrific service and honest straight up operation

Went 1st thing to get hitch installed expecting to find a hole in the wall operation. My wife had read the negative review and suggested I not go. Arrived ½ hour before opening time. Owner invited me in and excused himself so he could get some paperwork done. I told him I had some concerns but the impressive building and showroom wasn’t what I expected. Owner acknowledged that the negative review was justified. A new installer had made a serious mistake. Cobra fixed the install, with the upset customer looking on and his out of pocket expenses were reimbursed. My own experience was nothing but positive other than Cobra tried to have me buy a burger to raise money for the Red Cross. No hesitation to go back.

Jerry on Feb 09, 2012

I am going to continue to go back

I have been dealing with Cobra since 1995, I have had all my cars and my family cars rust proofed each year. They do a fantastic job, and are very pleasant to deal with. I have also had a remote car starter installed in each of my cars without any headaches, plus they have done the window tinting to all my vehicles. If I need work done to my car, they are the first people I call. They are great people, very professional and do great work. They may be a few dollars more than other places, but their work is remarkable. I am going to continue to go back to them and refer people to them.

Anonymous on Aug 18, 2011

I have taken 3 of my vehicles there

1 they had done tints, hitch, Grille. 2nd Grille, Hitch, 2 way remote starter and alarm. 3rd Just got back had Grille, Tints, Running boards. A friend took his Jag there and they did tints and a grille and they were 25 dollars cheaper than their quote. I have spent thousands there and have always been pleased with them. The service has always been great. I have been given discounts of up to 1

Dwayne Billings on April 10, 2011