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Ladder Racks Buying Guide

If you want to move your ladders efficiently and easily, adding a ladder rack to your truck or van is the solution. Ladder racks come in a wide variety of designs, and each one will function differently based on the kind of vehicle you own and the size of your ladders.  Equally important is to make sure the ladder rack will work with other modifications you may have made to your vehicle. (eg to accommodate a tonneau cover)

Some ladder racks have attributes like easily removable for convenience, rust-resistant materials for lifespan, and even inventive supplementary storage areas. 

Why Ladder Racks?

Contractors need ladder racks to carry ladders which cannot be stored in the back of their van or in the pickup truck box.  Carrying lengths of conduit or scaffolding are other uses for a ladder rack.

Nobody enjoys driving while crossing their fingers that the heavy pipes fastened to the rear of their vehicles won't come loose and keep jumping around, endangering everyone's life. With a ladder rack, you can be sure that nothing will move while you're driving, and it is crucial for safety reasons, as you would expect.

Choosing the Best Ladder Rack for a Pickup Truck

-What cargo are planning to carry will dictate the correct ladder mounts for your vehicle?

-What is the weight of the items you will be transporting?

-Does your environment make a rack made from rust resistant materials a better choice?

-Will it be necessary to frequently remove the ladder rack?  (eg. to access underground parking)

-Have you or will you add accessories or make modifications to your truck that need to work with the ladder rack and how it mounts to your truck?

Pay Attention to Ladder Rack Features

Look for the following features before choosing to settle for any ladder racks.

Installation Specifications

Some rack setups employ C-clamps, which won't permanently damage your truck bed, while others use bolts that demand you to poke a hole there in the bed of your vehicle. Make sure the ladder rack you've selected has all the appropriate functions you'll need

Capacity for Cargo

Purchasing a mounting system with low load capacity serves no purpose. Consider what it is you'll be moving, the amount you'll need to transfer it, how much it weighs, how large it is, and how frequently you'll need to share it. 

Building Materials

A ladder rack constructed of steel will probably be more sturdy and long-lasting than one made of aluminium, which resists rust better. Additionally, having a compact truck rack has several benefits because it generally results in higher mileage.

Know Your Ladder Rack Options

Knowing your alternatives can help you select the best ladder racks for your requirements. Understanding the variations among the various rack kinds is necessary for this.

Over Cab Racks

Your pickup truck may become a double-decker with over-cab racking, making the most of the existing space and rendering it simple to transport large equipment. Above cab racks allow you to add more than 1200 lbs. of goods.

Truck Bed Racks

The bed of your pickup truck is ideal for transporting small items like your tools or gas cans. However, if you frequently need to transport a considerable load, an over-bed rack is the best option. These kinds of frames increase the cargo capacity by up to 1000 lbs. 

Moveable Racks 

Racks that allow you to reposition the upright sections give you flexibility.  You may need to move a short item.  A moveable rack doesn’t restrict you to a fix length.