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Rostra Heated Seats

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Heated seats can be fitted into most vehicles, With a simple 3 position toggle switch within arms reach, you can easily switch the heated seats to its High, Low and Off settings. Heated gives you the warmth and comfort needed in the winter. Cobra Car Protection professionally installs heated seats / Seat warmers, the toggle switch is easily accessible and does not interfere with any electronics or moving parts. There is one  switch per heated seat, so you and your passengers can have independent controls. 

  • Rapid heat-up time. Feel comfort in less than one minute.
  • 3-position control switch (High/Low/Off)
  • Heating pads include carbon-fiber mesh weave.
  • Heating pads can be trimmed to fit various seats.
  • Strain relief built into heating pad harness.
  • Wire harness includes protective convoluted tubing.
  • Separate temperature sensors for seat's bottom and back.
  • Continuous temperature monitoring prevents overheating.
  • Locking harness ends for secure connections.
  • Hi-temp adhesive secures heating pads to seat foam.

      Rostra Heated SeatsRostra Heated Seats