Pros and Cons of a Truck Bed Cover

Pros and Cons of a Truck Bed Cover

Picking a cover for your truck can be just as hard as picking the truck itself. Many factors can affect a drivers decision on whether to go with a soft or rigid truck cover, one that folds back versus one that rolls back, or investing in one altogether. Cobra is the leading company in truck and car accessories, and together we’ve come up with a list of pros and cons for using a Tonneau truck bed cover.

Pros of Using a Truck Bed Cover

The definition of a cover is to protect what is underneath it, and that’s exactly what a truck bed cover does. Having a truck cover protects your belongings from the elements. Do you live in a rainy or snowy climate? A Tonneau truck cover made of fibreglass or vinyl protects the bed from harsh weather. If a soft canvas cover is more up your alley, granting you the ability to stretch it over taller objects, you don’t have to worry about dust and debris.

Another benefit of using a truck cover is the security behind it. Using a truck cover with the ability to lock helps prevent anyone from swiping a toolbox full of expensive tools or materials for a job you may be on your way to. Drivers also reduce the chance of having things fly out of the back of their truck while speeding down the highway with this feature.

A Tonneau truck cover has the added benefit of being fuel efficient. They’ve been shown to improve fuel mileage by as much as one mile per gallon when compared to open bed trucks.

Choosing a Tonneau truck cover comes with the ability to choose from a large variety of styles and materials. From rigid fibreglass to water-resistant vinyl to flexible canvas creates a market for all kinds of consumers with specific tastes and goals.

Cons of Using a Truck Bed Cover

While Tonneau truck covers can protect against difficult weather conditions, it prevents access to all parts of the truck bed. With those harder, water-resistant materials, drivers can’t carry large cargo pieces that may be essential to their daily work lives. Another concern regarding accessibility lays in the installation of the truck cover itself. It may limit the types of truck supplies and accessories you are able to carry.

Locks are great in terms of securing your belongings, as long as you don’t lose the key. Once that key’s gone, your day is ruined without a spare one. And if you want a truck cover for its flexibility, you can forget about a locking mechanism altogether.

An important note when choosing a truck cover is determining which ones requires you to physically drill holes into the truck bed. One must also consider the price tag that goes along with a product that holds so much variety. While some truck covers can get pricey, upwards of $1,000, Tonneau truck covers can still stretch across different, affordable budgets.

Cobra carries Tonneau truck covers from a variety of brands, Truxedo to Raider to Retrax and many more. Guaranteed to find something that suits you, thanks to our highly experienced sales and service employee, trained to find the best product for your needs.