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Weatherguard Transit Mid Roof -screen deep


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Bulkheads separate the driver compartment from the cargo area for maximum protection against shifting loads. Designed for Ford Transit Mid-Roof vans, screen bulkhead provides additional driver and cargo protection. Bulkhead is close fit to van interior to provide a quieter, more comfortable ride. Compliant to FMVSS safety standards for cargo vans.
Type: Full Bulkhead
Door Style: Swing
Window Style: Mesh
Finish: Powder Coated
Color: White
Material: Steel
Includes Hardware: Yes
Drilling Required: Yes
- Deeper Off-Set Provides More Room To Recline Seats
- Heavy Gauge Steel Is Used For Strength And Durability
- Dog Hatch™ Door Allows Easy Loading Of Long Materials By Utilizing The Floor Space In Front Of The Bulkhead
- Bulkhead Design Complies With New Cargo Van Airbag Safety Standards
- Brite White ARMOR-TUF® Powder Coat Finish
- Improved Impact Resistance Protects You From Loose Object In The Cargo Area
- Vertical Panel Design Reduces Ambient Noise Levels
- Easy Installation To Roof And Sidewalls; No Wing Kit Required
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Weatherguard Transit Mid Roof -screen deep