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Weatherguard Safari Rack


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Excellent for hauling all types of materials, the safari rack easily accommodates 4 Foot Wide loads and distributes the weight evenly over eight cross members to protect the roof of the van. The oval rail design side rail is unique to Weather Guard van solutions

Length (IN): 150-3/4 Inch
Width (IN): 64 Inch
Weight Capacity (LB): 1000 Pounds
Shape: Square
Mounting Type: Gutter Mount
Bar Count: 8 Bars
Finish: Powder Coated
Color: White
Material: Steel

- Front And Rear Cross Members Extend Over The Ends Of The Van For Protection When Loading Ladders And Other Long Materials
- Cross Members Are Constructed Of 13 Gauge
- Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets Are Extra Wide For Superior Attachment Strength To The Gutter
- Velcro Straps Assist In Securing Your Ladder For Transport
- Anti Wear Protection On Cross Members Protect Ladders And Building Materials During Transport

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Weatherguard Safari Rack