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Thinkware Hardwire Cable


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Installation of the hardwiring cable to your vehicle's fuse panel enables the built-in Parking Surveillance Mode in your Thinkware Dash Cam, while you are away from your vehicle. To learn more, you can watch this hardwiring installation tutorial. Compatible with all Thinkware Dash Cam models except for the F550.

*If the fuse panel in your vehicle is either in the engine bay or the trunk, you may need the Long(7m/23ft) Hardwiring Cable.



Regular: 3m (10ft)
Long: 7m (23ft)



Parking Surveillance:

- Motion Detection
- Impact Detection
- Time Lapse Mode*
- Energy Saving Mode*

* Available on Q800PRO / QA100 / X700 / F800PRO / F800 / FA200 / F200

Thinkware Hardwire Cable