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Superspring SuperSpring 4000-5000lb


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SuperSprings are a special and patented suspension stabilizing system for vehicles with rear leaf springs, designed to level loads and reduce body roll. SuperSprings provide users extra load support and reduce body roll without compromising ride quality. They are manufactured using a variety of different sized springs to support multiple applications. They are manufactured in the U.S.A. from SAE5160H high grade, shot peened steel.
Type: Leaf Spring
Load Capacity: 4000 To 6000 Pound
Pressure Range: Not Applicable
Color: Black
Material: Steel
With Bellows: No
With Air Line: No
With Roll Plate: No
With Valve: No
With Air Compressor: No
Remote Type: Not Applicable
With Mounting Hardware: No
Quantity: Set Of 2
- Requires No Maintenance
- Suspension Stabilizing System That Adjusts Automatically
- 2200 Pounds Additional Load-Leveling Ability
- Reduces Body Roll Up To 30 Percent Without Compromising Ride Quality
- Works In Conjunction With Original Equipment Leaf Spring Assembly
- SAE 5160H High-Grade Steel
- Shot Peened To Relieve Spring Stress
- Adjustable Shackles Allow Installation To Suit Various Needs
- Typical Installation Completed in approximately one hour
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Superspring SuperSpring 4000-5000lb