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Extang Hard Folding Cover - Solid Fold 2.0


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Extang’s latest generation of hard tri-fold truck bed covers include design elements that you simply will not find anywhere else. The Solid Fold 2.0 now includes Extang’s exclusive, patented Jaw-Grip and EZ-Lock clamps, EnduraShield panels, revolutionary snap-on perimeter seals, and integrated corner and hinge seals. The Solid Fold 2.0’s EnduraShield panels feature an automotive grade polymer that resists denting, scratches, and UV induced fading better than aluminum or fiberglass panels. Extang’s professionally engineered aluminum frame and hinges are power coated to match your truck’s bed caps for an integrated cohesive appearance and incredible protection from wear. The Solid Fold 2.0’s robust, 1 Inch thick panels are incredibly sturdy but remarkably light, thanks to Extang’s exclusive use of a closed-cell polypropylene foam core. Extang’s panels offer superior thermal stability and stay cooler to the touch on hot days. The leading edge of protection from the elements is Extang’s exclusive perimeter seal. Extang’s seals snap onto our perimeter frame without adhesive and our new and improved hinge corner caps are coextruded to permanently attach the fin seal to the frame. The Solid Fold 2.0’s resilient seals will not peel away or fold under pressure and are designed to withstand thousands of opening and closing cycles. Cobra Car Protection Provides and installs Extang 

  • Lockable Using Tailgate Handle Lock
  • Lightweight, 1-Inch Thick EnduraShield Panel Has A Polypropylene Core And Provides The Ultimate In Dent Resistance; It Is Cool To Touch On Hot Days And Will Not Fade In The Sun
  • Ultimate Weather Protection: Hard Polymer Rubber Corners, Hinge Caps And Snap-On Seals Provides The Most Weather Resistant Hard Folding Cover On The Market
  • Unprecedented Strength: Overall Hard Folding Cover Design Provides The Greatest Strength Among Any Other Folding Cover
  • OEM Matte Finish: The Solid Fold 2.0 Features A Black, Matte Finish And A Textured, Powder Coated Aluminum Frames And Hinges For Extra Wear Resistance
  • Jaw Grip Clamps: New Clamps Lead The Industry By Attaching Directly To Your Bed Flanges Without Damage Or Alteration To Your Bed Caps, Patented Clamp Is The Strongest In The Industry
  • EZ-Lock Clamps: The Re-Engineered, Patented EZ-Lock Clamp Requires Minimal Physical Effort To Operate And Self-Locks In Position When Attached To The Bed Flange For Added Security
  • Convenient Cargo Storage: Stow Your Cargo Under The Cover, Or Simply Open It Up To Carry Taller Items, The Cover Can Be Completely Removed In Seconds To Give You 100 Percent Access To Your Truck Bed
  • Limited 3 Year Warranty
Extang Hard Folding Cover - Solid Fold 2.0Extang Hard Folding Cover - Solid Fold 2.0Extang Hard Folding Cover - Solid Fold 2.0Extang Hard Folding Cover - Solid Fold 2.0Extang Hard Folding Cover - Solid Fold 2.0Extang Hard Folding Cover - Solid Fold 2.0Extang Hard Folding Cover - Solid Fold 2.0