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SES Helper Spring 5000lb


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Timbren suspension enhancement system - The decision is easy, Timbren suspension kits (SES kits) are designed to enhance the suspension of your vehicle. Improve load handling haul heavy loads with ease eliminate sag and sway.
Type: Rubber Spring
Load Capacity: 5000 Pound Per Set (Not To Exceed The Gross Vehicle Weight Of The Vehicle)
Pressure Range: Not Applicable
Color: Black
Mounting Type: Frame Mount
With Bellows: No
With Air Line: No
With Roll Plate: Yes
With Valve: No
With Air Compressor: No
Remote Type: Not Applicable
With Mounting Hardware: Yes
Quantity: Set Of 2
- Eliminate Suspension Sag: When Towing A Heavy Trailer, Timbren SES Helps To Avoid Bottoming Out
- Control Trailer Sway: A Condition Which Occurs With Unbalanced Loads, in winds or When Passing Heavy Trucks Timbren SES Stabilizes Your Vehicle
- Control Body Roll: During Cornering With Powerful Progressive Rate Rubber Springs Which Resist Lean And Enhance Vehicle Stability
- Improve The Ride: By Allowing The Aeon® Rubber Springs Absorb Road Shocks And Bumps. Towing A Trailer Doesn't Have To Mean Poor Ride Quality
- Economical And Trouble Free
- Simple And Easy To Install
Limited Lifetime Warranty
SES Helper Spring 5000lbSES Helper Spring 5000lb