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Remote Kill Switch

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Remote Kill Switches are the most hidden and most effective way of preventing vehicle theft. Remote Kill switches prevent vehicle theft by preventing the vehicle from starting, even if you had the factory key or a signal from that key. To start your vehicle, this system requires you disable (Disarm) the kill switch system simply with a click of a button, through the remote we will provide you. Remote Kill Switches detect, deter and prevent thieves from stealing your vehicle. 

Depending on which option(s) you would like, remote kill switch systems can ALSO: 

    - Control Remote Starters From A Longer Range

    - Alert you on an LCD screen remote of break ins or harsh movement of the vehicle (Shocks and tilt sensor)  

    - Set off a siren in the event of a break in or impact on the vehicle

This system ELIMINATES any need for a physical switch that would require drilling into a vehicle panel, it is completely hidden. Typically thieves will immediately look around the vehicle for a physical switch. However, with a remote kill system installed by Cobra Car Protection, this completely eliminates the problem and fear! Protect your expensive investments and have peace of mind with a budget friendly, vehicle specific Security & Theft Prevention solution today at Cobra Car Protection! 

Remote Kill SwitchRemote Kill Switch