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MyStart Plus With GPS

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MyStart Plus With GPS is one of the best all in one GPS tracking and remote starter systems. MyStart Plus with GPS comes with a Free 5 Year prepaid plan, after the 5 year period there is a small subscription fee to continue using the service. From the convenience of an app on your phone, tablet or apple watch, you are able to:

    - Track the location of your vehicle in real time

    - Enable geofencing

    - Location based alerts,

    - Speed monitoring,

    - Start & stop your vehicle

    - Unlock & Lock your vehicle 

    - View vehicle health and more. 

MyStart Plus With GPS has unlimited range anywhere in the populated areas of Ontario And Quebec so you can start and monitor your vehicle(s) from anywhere at work or when you are away from your vehicle! Cobra Car Protection is an authorized dealer to install MyStart Products. Our highly trained technicians and staff will install it the right way and ensure you are comfortable navigating through the app! 

MyStart Plus With GPSMyStart Plus With GPSMyStart Plus With GPS