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Mickey Thompson - Baja Boss X

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The Mickey Thompson tires designed for street. Engineered for high speed handling and cornering ability. Compounded for traction and responsiveness in both wet and dry conditions. Mickey Thompson has the perfect tire for late model American muscle cars and Pro Touring type applications.
  • Asymmetrical Tread Pattern Reduces Noise, Improves Handling And On-Center Feel, And Reduces Side-Slip
  • Deep And Wide Voids To Enhance Off-Road Traction And Forward Bite
  • Stone Ejector Ribs To Prevent Gravel From Being Wedged Into Tread Grooves
  • Angled Shoulder Scallops For Ultimate Traction And Self-Cleaning Ability
  • Mud Scoops That Provide A Concave Surface For Mud Traction And Help Create A Void To Prevent Mud From Clinging To The Elements
  • Silica-Reinforced Compound For On-Road Tread Wear, Cut And Chip Resistance, And Improved Wet Handling And Braking Performance
  • Next Generation Four-Pitch Sidebiters Are 50 Percent Larger Than Any Previous M/T Tire, Providing Unparalleled Off-Road Traction
  • Sizes From 15 To 24 Inch Wheel Diameters For A Variety Of Leveled And Lifted Vehicles
  • New Powerply XD™ 3-Ply Construction Provides Even Greater Puncture Resistance, Quicker Steering Response And Greater Stability Than Our Original Powerply™
  • Limited Supplier Warranty
Mickey Thompson - Baja Boss XMickey Thompson - Baja Boss X