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Husky Liner Weather Beater


Husky Liner WeatherBeater rear cargo liners are custom fitting floor mats with a raised lip designed to fit the complex contours of your specific vehicle's carpeted floor areas. We make our custom-fit floor mats with a patented rubberized thermoplastic material that we guarantee not to crack or break. The Husky Liner WeatherBeater rear cargo liners feature newly designed smooth arcing ribs to divert fluids, they keep your shoes up and out of the mess. A raised heel pad offers further functionality and styling. To help prevent your WeatherBeater rear cargo liners from sliding around, all Husky Liners are designed with their patented STA-PUT NIBS (SPiN) technology. These anti-slip Nibs, located on the back of the Floor Liner, grip the carpet and hold the Liner in place. The floor liner is kept in place is important, because if your floor liner shifts, your carpet becomes exposed and unprotected. Husky Liner's nibs keep your WeatherBeater rear cargo liners in place without the use of additional fasteners. This also means no holes in your liner which can cause unwanted leakage and ultimately end up damaging your carpet.
Husky Liner Weather Beater