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GPI Transfer Pump Gauge to 30 g/min


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The GPI 01A31GM digital turbine flowmeter is made from durable cast aluminum and features an LCD display that is accurate to +/-5 percent of reading. This economical turbine meter is designed for flow rates from 3 to 30 GPM and is factory calibrated in gallons for use with diesel, gasoline or kerosene. The lightweight 01A31GM mounts easily to the end of a hose and is ideal for use with free flow gravity systems or combined with an electric transfer pump as part of a fuel transfer system. The GPI 01A31GM digital flow meter comes with two 0.75 Inchreducers to work with either 1 Inchor 0.75 Inchline sizes, 0.75 InchMNPT pipe nipple and two standard AAA batteries.

Compatibility: M-3025/ M-3425 Heavy Duty 12 And 24 Volt DC Fuel Pumps
Type: Digital
Range: 3 To 30 Gallons Per Minute
Face Color: Orange
Lighting: Illuminated

- Auto-Off Display Turns Off After 1 Minute Of Inactivity To Extend Battery Life
- Flow Range Of 3 To 30 GPM (10 To 100 LPM)
- Typical Accuracy Is 25 Percent (Accuracy Can Vary To 5 Percent)
- Reducer Bushings Provide Versatility For Use With 1 Inch Or 075 Inch Line Sizes
- Can Be Mounted On Hose End For Easy Meter Reading
- Powered By Two Field Replaceable AAA Batteries
- Features One Cumulative And One Resettable Batch Total
- For Use With Gasoline (Gasohol Up To E15), Diesel Fuel (Bio-Diesel Blends Up To B100) And Kerosene
- Wetted Materials: Aluminum Housing, Nylon Rotor, Ceramic Bearings, Tungsten Carbide Shaft, 316 Stainless Steel Rings And Zinc Plated Steel Bushings

Limited 2 Year Warranty

GPI Transfer Pump Gauge to 30 g/min