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Drawtite Dual Cam Sway Control


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This patented product is the premier method for controlling trailer sway. Unlike the friction sway control, this approach works to control sway from the start rather than just resisting sway once it's begun. When towing in a straight line, the cams on either side of the trailers A-frame are locked in position. This essentially makes a "rigid" connection between tow vehicle and trailer and minimizes the effects of induced sway caused by high winds or passing vehicles. Usually the cams ride in a detent, locked-in position, even on fairly sharp curves.


Compatibility: STRAIT-LINE®Trunion Bar Hitch
Type: Dual Cam
Includes Sway Control Arm: Yes
Includes Ball: Yes
Includes Ball Plate: Yes
Includes Hardware: Yes


- Integrated Cams Into The Spring Bars Reduce Noise
- No U-Bolts To Interfere With Bottle Racks Or Other A-Frame Mounted Items
- Specific Attachment Reference Points Provided
- Fits Most Applications
- Years Of Extensive Field Testing
- Improved Installation Times


Limited Lifetime Warranty



Drawtite Dual Cam Sway Control