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Curt Wheel Chock Lock


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The CURT wheel chock lock is an outstanding way to protect an unattended trailer or camper. It is a quick and simple lock to apply, clamping over the wheel and remaining secure until it is unlocked using one of the provided keys. It is also expandable to fit a variety of tire widths. The wheel chock lock can be used on your trailer or automotive vehicle such as a car, truck or even an ATV.

Finish: Yellow powder coat
hub_usa: D01
Shipping Weight: 8.050
Side Application Type Description: Blank
Part Type: Wheel Chock Lock
Mount Type Description: Blank
Material: Blank
UPC: 612314107506

- Secures unattended trailers, RVs or vehicles by clamping onto the wheel
- Chocks and locks the wheel to prevent roll-away
- Expandable width fits most tire sizes
- Includes three keys for added convenience
- Red rubber-coated arms protect the wheel's surface
- Protected by a yellow powder coated material

Limited lifetime warranty (one year finish, one year parts)

Curt Wheel Chock LockCurt Wheel Chock LockCurt Wheel Chock LockCurt Wheel Chock Lock