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BedRug Impact liner


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The Impact Liner is the most unique and innovative truck bed liner on the market. Made from a combination of our Impact TPO and BedRug Fiber materials, the Impact Liner offers good looks and durable bed and cargo protection.?Despite the plush appearance, the BedRug Fiber material on the Impact Liner is NOT carpet but rather 100% polypropylene, making it rugged enough to stand up to any punishment you put it through, and at the same time, it's gentle enough to protect your most precious cargo.?

The Impact Liner capitalizes on the positive qualities of a spray-in liner without all of the negative limitations. The Impact TPO material on the bed floor is bonded to a 100% polypropylene foam backing. The non-abrasive backing will not damage the finish of your truck bed. Its 3/4" of closed cell foam padding provides impact resistance not available with spray-in liners. This protects your truck bed, your cargo, and your knees when climbing in and out of the bed. ?The Impact Liners are designed for folks who work out of their trucks. From gravel and cinder blocks one day to antiques and camping equipment the next, the Impact Liner handles it all. The Impact Liner is made with material that is fade and UV resistant, impervious to chemicals such as bleach, diesel fuel and even battery acid, and it will not mold or mildew. You can buy Impact Liners with confidence because they carry a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.


Impact Liner is a 5-piece liner that zips together and installs with hook-and-loop fasteners. Simply zip each of the side walls and the bulkhead piece to the floor, and it drops in as one piece. The Impact Liner is a hassle-free install for one person in less than an hour, using only basic hand tools and isopropyl alcohol, or you can work with one of our nationwide dealers, most of whom provide installation services.

- Rugged construction handles heavy cargo
- Protects your cargo and your truck bed
- Anti-skid TPO composite surface on the bed floor & tailgate
- 3/4" thick padded floor gives you impact protection & is easy on the knees
- BedRug Fiber material on the front and sides gives you a plush look & extra protection

Limited Lifetime Warranty

BedRug, Inc., warrants BedRug and VanRug for pickup trucks and vans to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. BedRug bedliners will be warranted for the duration of the vehicle ownership by the original BedRug purchaser. The terms of this warranty may vary from state to state. You may have rights under specific state laws that differ from the terms of this warranty. Proof of purchase will be required for warranty service. Customer modifications and/or improper return packaging of the product may void this warranty. Product should be cleaned before return. For warranty instructions, returns and packaging contact BedRug Inc., Customer Service at 800-462-8435. Labor and shipping are not covered under the terms of this agreement.

BedRug Impact liner