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Cobra Steel Rectangle -98 gal


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The Cobra Steel liquid transfer tank is designed to be used with full-size trucks. This sturdy one-piece design allows you to get the greatest storage capacity. Lockable vent caps help to eliminate tampering, and heavy-duty lifting loops make installation easy.

Type: Tank Only
Liquid Type: Non-Flammable Liquid
Shape: Rectangle
Tank Volume: 98 Gallon
Tank Length: 25 Inch
Tank Width: 60 Inch
Tank Height: 21 Inch
Deck Height: Not Applicable
Tool Box Type: No Tool Box
Tool Box Capacity: No Tool Box
Tool Box Length: No Tool Box
Tool Box Width: No Tool Box
Tool Box Height: No Tool Box
Color/ Finish: White Gloss
Material: Steel
With Locking Cap: Yes

- Constructed With 14 Gauge Steel With Fully Hand Welded Seams For Strength And Durability
- Secure Steel Plate Bed Flange Mounting Plates Help To Anchor Tanks
- Not Intended For Transferring Gasoline Or Other Flammables
- Not Intented For Use As An Auxillary Fuel Tank
- Does Not Meet DOT Specifications

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Cobra Steel Rectangle -98 gal