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Blackview GPS Antenna


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Adds speed and location data to your videos.

Speed: speed data-in Km/h or Mph-is overlaid in the video (can be turned off in the dashcam's settings).
Location: you can visualize the location of your vehicle in the BlackVue Viewer's Map during video playback.



Weight: 0.3 kg
Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 7 cm
GPS Receiver: G-1E, G-1AE
Model Name: G-1E External GPS(1575.42MHz)
Length: 1m / 3.28ft
Weight: 0.061lb / 28g
Compatible Models: DR450-1CH, DR430-2CH,DR470-2CH, DR490-2CH, DR750LW-2CH, DR3500-FHD.




6 months manufacturer's warranty


Blackview GPS AntennaBlackview GPS Antenna