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Alarm System

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Alarm System

You want to prevent the theft of your car. An alarm system is the only anti theft measure that the thief will not be ready for. You cannot rely on the anti theft measures installed by the manufacturer. Current OE anti-theft systems have made it easier to steal your car. The identical theft system they install in each vehicle. A quality alarm system alerts you of an intruder and adds to the time required to steal your car, if they car. A properly installed security system will include a kill feature, an impact sensor and an annoying siren. Installation is the key. Properly concealed wiring and difficult to access component placement adds time to the thief’s job of stealing your car or truck. Upgrades can be added to your alarm to increase the protection and make the functionality more convenient.
- Keyless entry
- Proximity keyless/arm feature
- Remotes with two-way communication
- A siren with back up battery power
- Motion sensor
- Tilt sensor (to thwart theft of rims and tires)
- GPS monitoring & tracking
- Vehicle Recovery service

Vehicle theft is rampant because today’s vehicles with their sophisticated features and security are in fact easier to steal than their simpler predecessors. Insurers are tightening guidelines and many are starting to require installation of prevention and recovery systems. Since 1984, Cobra Car Protection has protected client’s vehicles from theft. We are authorized dealers for all the major anti-theft product manufacturers.

Car Alarms Security Systems