Why You Should Tint Your Windows

Why You Should Tint Your Windows

If you were wondering if there are any actual advantages to getting a tint placed on your windows, there are. Not only do tints look great but they really do offer benefits outside of aesthetics that make them worth the cost.

Here are five reasons to consider taking the plunge and getting a great tint added to your windows!

  1. Avoid Crisping Up in the Heat

The heat within a car can sap you of energy, drain you of patience, and even contribute to dehydration of you and your family (which can be especially dangerous on long car rides with little ones). When the summer rolls around, the situation gets worse, and there might even be fights over who sits in the shade. To avoid conflict and keep yourself cool and hydrated tinted windows can be installed to provide shade all around. They also help to deflect some of the heat that can accumulate in your car while it is parked and baking in the heat of the sun, which means climbing back into it after going to the store won’t be so terrible.

  1. Gain Protection from Melanoma

Those with children and those who spend many hours moving about in daylight, must concern themselves with the amount of exposure their body has to harmful UV rays. UV rays can deplete the skin of its nutrients and vitality and even cause more serious conditions like melanoma. Tinted windows on your car act like a buffer that shields the car’s occupants from the sun and reduces your exposure to harmful rays that can cause cancer.

  1. Heightened Privacy

Do you really like it when everyone can see into your car while you drive? Driving in your car can be a place where you rehearse a presentation for a meeting, grabbing a bite to eat, talk with your loved ones, and sing to an audience of one. The world doesn’t need to see all of that and you may not want to share it. There is a wide range of tint shades to choose from for the level of privacy you need.

  1. Drive Safely

You can be driving along and suddenly lose all visibility of your surroundings as the bright sunlight glares across your field of vision. This split second can be very dangerous and hide obstacles on the road and obscure distances. Rather than remove your hand from the wheel and fumble about for your sunglasses, or use it to block the sun like a visor, a tinted window keeps the glare from your eyes and keep you from losing control of your car. For someone who drives towards the sun every day in rush hour, it can be incredibly helpful.

  1. Protect Upholstery

We at Cobra1 are happy to help you get tinted windows onto your car.