Why You Should Own a Dashcam

Why You Should Own a Dashcam

Setting up a dashcam in your vehicle can be important, useful, and fun all at once, and there are numerous ways it can help you save yourself a lot of stress, time, and money. Having a constant video recording of the road as you drive is becoming more and more normal these days; gone are the days when the only time you saw dashcam footage was on TV cop shows. Here are some of the best reasons to consider installing a dashcam in your vehicle.

Recording Accidents

If you happen to get into a car accident or fender bender, unless someone is seriously injured, the blame game is usually started up. You might be met with accusations of cutting someone off or not braking hard enough, even if you know those accusations are false. While a few eye witnesses can help prove you were not at fault, a dashcam can be even better because video evidence never lies. Owning a dashcam is going to give you peace of mind regarding having to defend yourself from false accusations in the event of a collision.

Avoiding Insurance Fraud

You’ve probably heard of people jumping in front of cars in order to claim they were hit and get a big insurance payout (Learn more about common car insurance scams). With a dashcam running as you drive, you can help defend yourself against insurance fraud because, once again, video evidence never lies. Imagine the look on one of these sneaky individual’s face when you let them know that you have them stupidly jumping in front of your car all on camera. 

Be Secure in Parking Lots

Parking lots and garages are often places where anything can happen. The car next to yours can scrape yours as it pulls out, someone can accidentally rear end you while parking or your car can even get keyed or vandalized. By having a dashcam running while your car is parked, you are once again ensuring you have video evidence.

Show Off Your Driving Skills

On the flip side, dashcams can be used for just plain fun. Putting together a compilation of your driving skills can be fun and sharing it with your friends is a good idea. Whether they are intentional or not, moments of brilliant driving skills happen on the road all the time, and having a dashcam recording your every move is an excellent opportunity to capture some incredible footage.

Capture the Unexpected

Every so often you probably see a dashcam video on the internet capturing something truly spectacular. When people drive, they often cover long distances in a multitude of diverse landscapes, and you never know when something amazing might happen. The dashcam videos of meteors lighting up the sky are the perfect example of this, with multiple dashcams capturing the same meteor as it streaks across the sky.

Now that you’re likely convinced to purchase your very own dashcam, what are you waiting for? Get one installed and start documenting every moment you spend on the road!