When to Get Vehicle Anti-Rust Protection

When to Get Vehicle Anti-Rust Protection

Rusting is the absolute bane of any car owner. Not only does it ruin a car’s looks, but it’s also a danger to you, by weakening the car itself. That’s why getting anti-rust protection is absolutely essential to protecting the life of your car. But when is the best time to get treated?

Rust Formation

Every vehicle is susceptible to gradual rust formation, especially in the winter and harsh weather conditions. This happens through a process called oxidation. Without an anti-rust treatment, rust corrosion can spread incredibly fast as it eats at the surrounding metal (helped by continued exposure to water and oxygen).

First forming as spots in areas like the vehicle’s underbody or the bottom of doors, the rust will eventually grow and eat through the metal’s base layers, causing holes to form. Naturally, this results in frame weakening and can become a severe safety hazard to you and any passengers.

A Potential Solution: Heated Garage

Although it’s a popular theory that vehicles stored in a heated garage can go without rustproofing, this is false. Due to chemical reactions between steel and calcium, vehicles in heated garages are more susceptible to rusting (particularly in winter). The same rustproofing that protects against winter road maintenance like salt also protects against the garage’s humidity and heat.

Treatment Types

When it comes to rustproofing, there are two main types: oil-based and grease-based. Both work equally well in preventing rust, so it really depends on available time and funds.

Oil-based rustproofing takes around an hour to apply and, on average, costs around $100-$150. Although the coating method means that a maximum number of parts can be proofed, oil-based coatings tend to give off a strong odour that can linger after application.

Grease-based treatments take longer to apply (up to four to five hours) and are more expensive (between $400-$700), but this method is much more rust-resistant and requires only a few touch-ups every three years.
Always make sure to have a professional apply the treatments. They’ll make sure all necessary areas are fully covered and coated, including high-risk areas.

Best Treatment Times

The best time to get your vehicle treated would be spring and summer; both seasons provide an ideal environment with drier climates and roads compared to the winter, where everything is constantly wet and de-icing salt is abundant. Rustproofing is able to effectively settle in and create a better, more cost-effective protective barrier without taking a battering from adverse conditions.

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