What To Consider When Shopping For Remote Starters

What To Consider When Shopping For Remote Starters

You know that there is nothing more stressful after a long day at work than trying to unlock your car door when it’s freezing outside. Wouldn’t it be nice for it to be unlocked, already warm inside with the engine on? Remote starters are your answer to such convenience and can be one of the best decisions you make for your car. The only hard part will be deciding which remote starter is best for you. Don’t worry, Cobra Car & Truck is here to help make that decision easy too! 

Take a look at our guide below on how to select the best remote starter for your car:

Safest Option

Remote car starters provide ultimate vehicle safety from the moment the engine is turned on. When you’re ready to go to your car, you can activate the engine from your remote starter with an instant click. The engine is on and the doors are locked automatically so no one can enter except the keyholder. Remote starters are even designed to stop immediately if they detect a stranger in the vehicle. If the key isn't inserted in the vehicle but one of the pedals is hit, then the engine will stop instantly. 

Complete Convenience

Every remote starter is different, but one of the best features they have to offer is convenience. Remote starters can cool down or warm up your vehicle before you get in. This saves you time from warming up your car before you head out on a freezing winter’s day and cools you down immediately from the intense heat in the scorching summer. Having the engine running before you get in allows the windshield to be defrosted quicker to save you time. 

Works From Your Phone

If you want ultimate convenience with the best safety features, your answer is smartphone remote starters. Cobra Car & Truck offers some of the best smart car starter brands. In addition to pre-heating or cooling down your car and integrating useful safety features, smartphone remote starters also have other benefits. Some of the other operations you can use your remote starter for are:

  • Distance locking: Lock your car, unlock and pop your trunk all from your phone.
  • Smart schedule: the app can send you reminders and updates on your vehicle if it leaves or enters an area.
  • Alerts: you will get instant alerts if you forget to lock your car after parking, leave it running or keep the trunk open.
  • Easy set up: connecting a smartphone remote starter is easy. Smart Starters such as Viper require you to download the Viper app, install the device in your car, set up your account and go!

Cobra Car & Truck carries a number of the best smartphone car starter brands available. We want to provide you with the safest, most convenient tools to make every car ride enjoyable. Call us today or go online to check out all the smart remote starters we carry!