The Most Popular Winter Truck Accessories in Ontario

The Most Popular Winter Truck Accessories in Ontario

Is your truck missing something? Can it handle the winter the way a truck is meant to?

Maybe it isn’t outfitted with the right truck accessories. Whether you use it for work or you’re just a truck person, good quality accessories make your vehicle more functional.

Some are even on sale right now (and for the WeatherTech and Husky Floor Liners, this rarely happens). So take inventory of your truck accessories and see what you can add today.

The UnderCover Ridgelander

The UnderCover Ridgelander is the most unique, dynamic truck bed cover on the market.

A build in track system above the bed cover allows a reasonable level of personal customization.

Fill the truck bed with your camping and fishing gear, stack the tracks with your bikes and cooler. The UnderCover Ridgelander is the truck bed cover for an active truck person or family. It’s custom fit to your truck make and model year.

It takes 20 minutes to install, at most, and requires no drilling – the fit is perfect with simple clamps, brackets and a hidden hinge.

Demand has been high since we announced this product, so call ahead to see how quickly we can get our hands on the model for your truck.

Still on sale in January

Two of our most popular winter truck accessories are on sale right now.

The most popular are WeatherTech and Husky Floor Liners. You can get these with a 10% discount today.

You don’t realize how inadequate your current winter floor mats are, even if they are manufacturer designed mats, until you’ve seen WeatherTech and Husky Floor Liners.

They are designed to keep the carpet in your truck safe. They are deep, so even pouring out a full coffee on the floor won’t ruin the carpet beneath. They’re custom designed to fit the make, year and model of your vehicle specifically.

Price varies by vehicle, so call to get a quote.

We’re also knocking $50 off installed back racks from Backrack, Weather Guard, DeeZee and Westin.

Regular price on back racks, installed, is $329.95, but you only pay $279.95 if you come in before the end of the month.

Secure shifting cargo, carry ladders or mount any other type of light or accessory.