The Best Spray On Truck Liner | Why We Trust Reflex Liners

A spray on truck liner is designed to do a few things:

  • Protect the integrity of your truck bed against rust.
  • Protect your truck bed against scratching.
  • Keep your tools safe.
  • Reduce noise while driving.
  • Look good.

Ok, it doesn’t have to look good. But if it can, why shouldn’t it?

How we know it’s the best

We shop around for products just like you do. When deciding to carry Reflex spray on liners, we asked:

  • What ingredients make up the liner? We look for a polyuria hybrid material, for 100% waterproofing and the perfect level of grip and rigidity.
  • Does it include any sort of UV protection? UV light damages most liners.
  • How is the product installed/applied?
  • Can truck owners choose different colours?

These are the same questions most truck owners ask, and the Reflex liner performs best.

A few thoughts on what matters

Should a liner be hard or soft?

Maybe neither, maybe a bit of each. A Reflex liner is both. It’s flexible, but durable. Like a car tire.

If it was aggressively hard, it could wear much faster. If too soft, it could tear. Reflex liners are a refined midpoint between the two, so gear can stay put and your truck bed can stay pristine for a long, long time.

Reflex liners are also UV stable, which many other liner manufacturers tout as a characteristic preserving the look of your liner as the sun wears on it. But most liners claiming UV stability look faded after just 1 year or use.

Reflex liners are colour stable and oxidization resistant. They use the same colour toners you find in automotive paint

Pricing out your spray on truck liner

It’s difficult to price out a spray on truck liner online.

We can give some general information to help set your expectations.

  • A 6.5 foot bed is in the ballpark of:
  • An 8 foot truck bed is in the ballpark of:

Part of the process is to see and feel the product for yourself.

Come in today to check out a Reflex spray on truck bed liner.