The 6 Essential Truck Accessories

The 6 Essential Truck Accessories

If you are a truck owner, you either have it out of necessity for work or because you are passionate about trucks. Either way, you need a truck that works for you, and installing hardworking accessories can make all the difference in a day’s work. At Cobra Car and Truck Accessories, we offer a wide variety of truck and car accessories that make your life better. Here are some of our best accessories that we recommend for truck owners.

Box Liner

We have three types of liners depending on your unique needs. If you move a lot of cargo, then you want to protect against scratches and dents that can compromise your truck. To save your truck, you can invest in a bed mat, a spray-on liner, or a drop in liner. Bed rugs and mats are easy to put in and remove and are highly durable while a spray-on coat helps grip cargo and eliminates rust, it also comes in many colours!

Tonneau Covers & Truck Caps

There are tons of great options for truck covers if you drive in heavy snow and rain. Whether you go with a soft vinyl cover or a rigid cover, you are going to get great weatherproof protection. Whether you get a folding, rollup, or solid cover you help protect and secure your load from damage, falling from the truck at high speeds, and theft.


Having a cargo bag or a side mount toolbox is a great way to keep things secure and easily at hand. Instead of having to rummage around in the back of your truck or listen to things slip and slide in the bed when you turn a corner, it’s secure and just where you left it. If you get a side mount toolbox, you could easily pair it with a step to make getting things in and out a breeze.


Running boards and tubular steps make the repeated motion of getting in and out of your truck a little bit easier, especially if you are constantly reaching into the truck bed for tools. It also makes it possible for your kids and anyone with mobility issues to get themselves into your truck independently.

Heated Seats

No one likes waiting upwards of 15 minutes for the cab to heat up after a cold day on site. Heated seats are a great way to help warm up after a long day on the job or in the dead of winter when it’s frigid outside. They are easy to install in almost any vehicle and add value and comfort that you can enjoy year round. They can also help a lot with lower back pain!

Towing Hitch

If you own a truck, you may need to tow something at one point or another, or have been asked to help tow something. Getting a proper towing hitch installed that can handle heavy loads ensure that your truck stays safe while you haul even the heaviest of loads.

If you are in need of any truck and auto accessories, then browse our website and see our abundant supply. You can also come to see us in person at our Mississauga location.