Remote Car Starters Are A Changer

Remote Car Starters Are A Changer

Canadian winters are hard. If you have a car, chances are you turn the heat as high as it goes the moment you get in. But there’s a few minutes where you’re sitting in the cold, particularly if your car’s been left in a cold parking lot all day or night. Being cold isn’t just unpleasant; it also tires out your body and weakens its immune system. If you want to feel warm, happy, and healthy, you should invest in a remote car starter. Here are some reasons why:

Remote Starters Keep Your Car Warm (Or Cool)

If you live somewhere that can get very cold or very hot, an auto remote car starter makes a marked improvement on your standard of living. Walking inside a toasty warm car after walking through an icy cold parking structure feels awesome. On the other side of things, if it’s summer or you live somewhere hot, stepping into a car that’s been heating in the sun can be extremely unpleasant and unsafe for your health, particularly for the very young and the very old. Every year, people are admitted to hospitals for heatstroke from sitting in overheated cars. These problems are now a thing of the past. With a remote starter, you can start your heater or A/C well before you enter your vehicle.

Remote Starters Warm Up Your Engine

It’s smarter to drive with an engine that’s been warmed up for a few minutes than to immediately start driving with an engine that’s been sitting in sub-zero temperatures for hours. With a remote starter, you can give your engine the warmup time it needs to operate at its best, which greatly increases your car’s performance and longevity.

Remote Starters Keep You Safe

Car remote starter systems DO NOT make your car easier to steal. Your car still requires a key in its ignition before shifting from park to drive. Remote starters can actually make your car safer as they alert you if your car’s locks or security systems are being tampered with. They even allow you to set off your car’s alarm if you see anything suspicious or if you need help. Several remote starter models shut your car off after ten minutes if no key is inserted into the ignition.

Remote Starters Increase Your Vehicle’s Resell Value

A remote starter installed in your car can greatly increase its resale value should you wish to sell it or trade it in. A second-hand car with a preinstalled remote starter system is particularly attractive in a cold country like Canada.

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