Recently Got Our Pro Immobilizer And Have Questions?

Your Enhanced Anti-Theft & Immobilizaton System

Your vehicle has been equipped with a security system that will disable the ability to start your vehicle with the factory key, by relay attacks and key cloning. You must have the factory key with you to start and drive the vehicle. The factory remote WILL NOT DISARM THE IMMOBILIZER, only the R5 remotes (2) provided with the security system will stop the siren and allow you to start the vehicle (press remote button twice to silence the alarm and again a second time to disarm the system)

Arming and Disarming – R5 2-way LED 1 button Remote With Proximity:

Arm/Lock: Press large button once.

Disarm/Unlock: Press large button twice

Silence Alarm: Press large button twice. If the alarm is sounding this only stops the siren. You must again press large button twice to disarm the system.

Remote Starter: Press and hold large button for 3 seconds

Proximity: Your security system automatically detects the presence of the R5 remotes. Once within two meters of the driver’s seat the system will automatically disarm. Thirty seconds after the remotes leave the vehicle the system automatically arms. It is not necessary to press any buttons to arm and disarm the Security System. However, if a door is open the system will not arm. The immobilizer feature will arm regardless after 10 minutes.

Alarm Features:

Your alarm is equipped with sensors that detect impact, glass breakage and lifting/tilt. The alarm also monitors opening of the doors or rear gate. When triggered the factory horn may sound (factory alarm), the alarm siren will sound and the last remote to communicate with the alarm will sound. To shut off all these noise making devices press the large button on the R5 remote twice (not the factory remote). This will stop the noise but it does not disarm the system. It will still not be possible to start the vehicle. When you are sure there is no threat of theft, using the R5 remote press the large button twice again and now the system is disarmed.

The Proximity feature has a two meter range (+/-) and is designed to arm and disarm the vehicle without pressing buttons on the R5 remote. You must sƟll have the R5 remote with you. As you approach the vehicle you will hear two or more chirps indicating the vehicle is disarmed. If you do not hear two or more chirps (eg. you are accessing the rear gate and are more than two meters from the driver seat) you will have to press the large button twice to disarm the system otherwise the alarm will be triggered.

Factory Remote Starter:

Use the remotes that came with the security system to remote start your vehicle. The R5 remote will confirm the vehicle has started and have far better range than the Factory Remotes. Also, the Factory Remote start feature may not work as the security system may block it or it might trigger your new Security Alarm.

DroneMobile Phone App:

Your anti-theft system also comes with a DroneMobile phone app. This allows you to arm/disarm the alarm and immobilizer, lock/unlock the doors, remote start the vehicle, and check the current location of the vehicle from virtually anywhere. It can also be setup to notify you if the vehicle starts, stops, leaves a certain area, if the alarm is set off, what caused the alarm to go off and more.

A 30 day free trial is included, after that you have the option to subscribe and continue to use the service for as little as $100 per year (with a 5 year prepaid subscription)


The R5 remotes that came with your security system are rechargeable. If they die, you will not be able to start your vehicle until they are charged and able to disarm the system. 

- When charging the R5 remotes use a slow charging device (computer, USB outlet in the car). Fast chargers that plug into a wall outlet do not properly charge the remotes. 

- If you are loading the vehicle the Proximity feature will trigger ongoing chirping as you enter and leave the detection range. Leave a door open or leave the R5 remote in the vehicle (not the factory remote) and the chirping will stop. 

- Upgrades to the T13 remote will provide details of which sensor triggered the alarm as well as other features. 

- The green tag on your keychain has your DroneMobile serial number which will allow you to create an account and start using your phone to control the system.