Protecting my Truck Box Traditional Drop-in Liner

Protecting my Truck Box Traditional Drop-in Liner

Truck liners were introduced back in the mid-1980s. At the time, most vehicles were basically eight-foot boxes. Initially, one liner was made to fit Ford and GM products. Today, truck liners are all custom fit, made precisely for a specific make and model. They are built to accommodate tie-downs, lights and other features manufacturers might include. Truck liners have undergone years of changes to get to the high-quality designs we have today. Here are some features to consider when picking one for your truck.

Over or Under Rail Liners

Not really applicable anymore, there was once a time when you could get either over the rail or under the rail liners. Today, all vehicles have plastic bed caps, so you are forced to go with an under the rail liner. One thing to note is that with all the shifting from the wind and driving, an over the rail liner scuffs the paint underneath it over time. 

Composite or Carpet

You essentially have two options for your truck liner: composite or carpet. Carpet is also a well-fitting option and has the added advantage of being soft on your knees, washable and mould-resistant. As far as performance, they are both as good as each other.


A traditional drop-in type liner is about $260. A carpet one with a tailgate piece is in the $800 range. Either way, they are both excellent products that protect your vehicle from daily wear and tear. The type you pick significantly depends on how you use your truck bed and your budget. 

Bed Mats

An alternative to truck liners is a bed mat. These are flat pieces that are placed on the base of the truck bed. They can be made of either rubber or carpet and cost less than truck liners. They do not protect the entire truck bed. 

Moving cargo on the back of your truck leaves it susceptible to scratches and dents. That type of damage can cause rust to take over, leading to costly repairs. A truck liner is an excellent way to prevent that from happening. If you are looking for a truck liner for your vehicle, look no further than Cobra. Our truck liners are reliable and ideal for extending the life of your vehicle.