Outfit your work truck with lights to cut through the worst winter storm

Outfit your work truck with lights to cut through the worst winter storm

Just as much as your customers depend on you to plow their private driveways or business parking lots every time winter’s weekend blizzards hit hard or overnight snowfalls accumulate while rush hour drivers still sleep soundly, you depend on your truck to plow all of your accounts safely and quickly. While there’s lots of gizmos, and gadgets that can help you do your job well, nothing can get you through winter’s dark nights and the wee hours of the early morning like a phenomenal set of lights on your truck. Here’s a look at some of them:

Fog Lights

Crucial when working in snow, sleet, fog, and other low visibility condition, fog lights go where high beams can’t. When you’re out plowing, you don’t want to stress about accidentally scooping up, pushing over, or plowing through anything but snow. That’s not an easy feat if you can’t see what you’re plowing. Fog lights change that. While good fog lights are bright enough to illuminate the snow-covered driveway, parking lot, or road in front of you, they’re angled slightly downward so they’d don’t reflect the fog, sleet, or snow directly back to your line of vision. Fog lights also have a wider angle range than normal headlights, so they are useful in very low light situations in tandem with your other lights. They can be easily mounted externally, adding to the ruggedness (and awesomeness) of your work horse.

Daytime Running Lights

While you get most of your plowing projects done while everyone else in your world is sound asleep, winter’s blasts of sudden snowstorms aren’t exclusive to the evening hours. Your truck needs exceptional running lights during the day, too. Aftermarket daytime running lights keep your truck visible not only to oncoming traffic, but also to kids, dog walkers, shoppers, and other people out and about while your plowing. Many jurisdictions now require lights to be on when driving in rain or snow, and even where this is not mandated by law, it is a good safety measure. Daytime running lights come in many shapes and sizes. Some lights can be integrated into your existing light setup, while others can be mounted on the front grill, next to existing lights, or as overhead lights on your roof rack or light bar.

LED Replacement Bulbs

The stock halogen headlamps and tail lamps that came on your truck may get the job done, but for an easy upgrade that increase your visibility, help others see your truck, and to stand out on the road, consider replacing those halogens with aftermarket LED bulbs. LED bulbs allow you to leave your lights on not only without the engine running longer and without running down your battery, but also without having to wasting gas and expending more energy. In addition, LED bulbs are bright, have precision-focused beam angle, last longer, and give your truck a professional, high-end look. Most LED headlights install within minutes and need only a screwdriver; you simply take the light cover off, remove the halogen, and voila! ~ your new LED bulbs are in place! LED replacement light kits are available for headlight and taillights, and can be found in a variety of hues. For ultimate style, use matching LED hues on your headlights, daytime running lights, fog lights, and overhead lights – your truck does not blend into the crowd!

Winter’s not nearly over. Contact us today for a quote and get your truck outfitted with the best lights for plowing.