Is Your Tonneau Cover Letting You Down? Here are Your Best Replacement Options

Is Your Tonneau Cover Letting You Down? Here are Your Best Replacement Options

An old tonneau cover can sit over your truck like a shroud. It only covers a small portion of the truck, but it can stand out like a broken nose.

Is your tonneau cover the broken nose on your truck? A new one is going to have a huge impact on the look of your truck, and it is probably going to change the way you use your truck for the better.

If you’re on the market for a new, or your first, tonneau cover, this is the best place to get started.

You have lots of options.

Your cover can be hard or soft, and then:

    • A folding, rigid cover.
    • A rollup rigid cover.
    • A one piece, painted cover.
    • A folding vinyl cover.
    • A rollup vinyl cover.

You could also opt for a fibreglass truck cap or commercial cap, for a larger dry storage space.

Don't choose just because you like the look of one (although the look matters, it comes a little after your intended use). Instead, ask these questions:

If this is your first cover, what do you see your cargo space filled with, and how often is your cargo going to be higher than the bed of the truck?

If you had a previous cover, what did or didn’t you like about it?

What is your budget? A realistic budget runs between $470 to $625 for a soft cover, while hard covers start around $1,100.

What is most important to you? Security, water resistance, removability, price, appearance?

Figure out what meets your criteria.

A one piece, painted cover can look like it was manufactured with your vehicle.

These are nearly water tight and highly secure. Most last longer than the truck they’re installed on, even with heavy professional use.

If your cargo occasionally extends above the bed liner, you have to remove this cover. Removal takes about 20 minutes and requires 2 people – if the cover is fibreglass, you are going to need 4 people or a forklift.

If you don’t plan to carry tall cargo loads, this is probably the cover for you. Great looking, very secure and long-lasting.

Folding and rollup rigid covers are great for cargo flexibility.

If you frequently carry cargo above the bed rail, but still require secure storage on a regular basis, a folding or rollup rigid cover could be right for you.

The flexibility to move or remove the cover quickly and easily is balanced by the greater susceptibility to leaks. With more joints and connection points comes more potential for leaks. This isn’t to say you’re likely to spring a leak. These are still high quality, precisely manufactured covers. But you might get a bead of water down the wall of your truck bed during heavy rain, after many years of use.

What about soft covers?

Soft covers, like the folding vinyl covers or rollup vinyl covers we carry, are affordable.

Vinyl covers are great for keeping your cargo dry. They can extend beyond the edges of the cargo bed, leaving no space for water to get in.

The trade is security. A passerby with a knife can slice through the cover and run off with an armful of your tools. While manufacturers have made a distinct effort to improve soft cover security, it is still a soft cover in the end.

If you’re replacing an old tonneau cover, you probably already know what you want. If you’re new to this, sometimes getting a look at your options in person helps.

Either way, stop by our showroom and have a look at what could be your new tonneau cover today.