How To Prevent Rust From Ruining The Bottom Of Your Car

How To Prevent Rust From Ruining The Bottom Of Your Car

Did you know that the bottom of your car requires the most care? The undercarriage of your car is the most vulnerable. It is very susceptible to rust which can damage your car and affect your safety. That is why maintaining your car is so important. It also prevents costs from adding up! Preventing undercarriage rust will add years to your car’s use. It is affordable and easy to maintain. Ontario’s climate affects vehicles greatly and that’s why rust proofing your car is the best thing you can do for it.

Here’s a guide on how to prevent the bottom of your car from rusting to keep it looking its best and keep it safe!

Wash Your Car Before Fall & Spring

At the beginning of the spring and fall season, giving your car a proper wash on the entire exterior and interior is necessary. This clears the surface from any debris buildup trapped on the body and in the crevices and lets you spot any scratches or marks underneath. Early signs of rust are often as minimal as small scratches or chips. Cars are especially vulnerable in the springtime due to the moisture in the air and frequent temperature changes. The remaining grime from winter snow also triggers rust.

Check The Drain Plugs

The drain plugs on your car are prone to collecting leaves, excess dirt and other debris. This will build up in the drain plug which become blocked and allow the water to enter making the parts prone to rust. Make an effort to clean out the drain plugs. Your drain plugs are usually on the edges of the truck hood area truck or along the bottom of your car doors.

Clean Up Spills

Making sure your car is clean is not only great visually, but ultimately protects your car from future issues. Spills inside the car from beverages can lead to rust if it is not cleaned on time. Leaving a spill inside your car will guarantee rust. If a spill occurs, make sure you dry it thoroughly, instantly, to remove the moisture.

Always Avoid Puddles

Salt during the winter is harsh on the undercarriage of your car, and puddles are too! Puddle water is a combination of the grime on the road and dirty saltwater. When you drive through a puddle, it impacts the entire undercarriage of your car which will cause rust.

Rust Proof Your Undercarriage

Car rustproofing will add years to your car by giving it a barrier of protection from the harsh impact of salt and debris. Cobra Car & Truck - Rust Proofing offers the best service to protect your undercarriage from rust. Protectoil XB Rust Proofing protects the underside of your car from any condition. This sealant resists road splash and barely drips!

Cobra Car & Truck - Rust Proofing is built on integrity and customer satisfaction with the best rust proofing and rust prevention services in Mississauga. We are reliable and our team of experts will help you keep your car in the best shape possible. Give us a call or request a quote on our services today!