How to Choose Between a Roof Rack and Hitch Rack for Your Vehicle?

How to Choose Between a Roof Rack and Hitch Rack for Your Vehicle?

A cargo carrier is a great way to carry all the luggage and gear that doesn't fit in your vehicle. But how do you choose between a roof rack and a hitch rack? If your vehicle is not fitted with a hitch, the decision is easier. But if your vehicle has an option to fit either type of rack, you are left with a lot to think about, especially as they are available in several different styles to fit several different requirements. Let the auto experts at Cobra help you make an informed choice.

Roof Rack Vs. Hitch Rack: Which One Fits Your Needs Best?

Roof Rack for Long Trips

If you are a traveller who loves to carry tons of gear or lug a bike, kayak or surfboard on your trips, roof racks are for you. They secure oversized items and bikes on the top of your vehicle, leaving room for luggage at the back.Roof racks are more suited for long trips. You can carry cargo baskets, snowboards, paddleboards and other bulky items with ease. But, roof racks are harder to access than hitch racks, since all your equipment is hoisted on the roof of the vehicle, way beyond reach.

Hitch Rack for Short Trips

If you are a practical traveller who can rough it out without carrying a ton of luggage, you may want to have a look at a hitch cargo carrier. It can hold items that won’t fit inside your vehicle such as camping gear, keeping it within easy reach at the back. These carriers adhere to the aerodynamic shape of your vehicle allowing you to maximize fuel economy. Hitch racks are better for short trips, limited gear, or carrying just one bike along with limited luggage. There are many models that allow you to reach for items easily at the back without disturbing the rest of the luggage.

What you need to look for depends on whether or not your vehicle is equipped with a hitch receiver to mount a hitch carrier. You need to install a hitch receiver if your vehicle is not fitted with one. Roof racks can transport any outdoor equipment. Just measure the length of the crossbars to judge the load capacity and see if your equipment fits in. You don’t have to risk climbing up the car to take accurate measurements. Just look up the vehicle’s manual or ask auto experts at Cobra. There are many design features and accessories offered for added convenience such as locking mechanisms, anti-sway cradles and space-efficient storage. Just make sure they are compatible with the model and make of your car.

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A rewarding journey is quite dependent on the vehicle you use, be it a short trip or a long one. Make sure that it makes your trips enjoyable and comfortable.

Cobra in Mississauga offers car and truck accessories that improve the functionality and aesthetics of your vehicle in many ways. Visit us to find the right hitch rack for your vehicle or simply to know more about enhancing the functionality of your car from our experts. You may be surprised to see our range of cost-effective car and truck accessory options.