How to Choose a Remote Car Starter

How to Choose a Remote Car Starter

A remote car starter is a fantastic car accessory. Especially in winters when you can’t wait for your car to warm up before you start moving. Experts recommend choosing a remote car starter by considering the aspects and features that you most likely regard to be important. For instance, If you live in a frigid climate, having a remote starter means you can give your car some time to warm up before starting to drive.

This serves two purposes. First, your car heating system ensures warmer interiors when you get in the car, and secondly, it helps your car engine to warm up a bit before you start driving. Both of these benefits are quite lucrative as it is known that driving a cold engine puts pressure on it and can cause the engine to crack. And who likes to keep shivering and waiting for the car heat to warm up the interiors in freezing temperatures? Another aspect that you may need to consider is whether you like keyless entry. Thinking about these few parameters can help you to choose your remote starter.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when choosing a remote starter:

Car Warranty Concerns

Knowing your car’s needs is crucial. Make sure to give a thorough read of the warranty information that accompanies your vehicle and its remote starter system. Although many companies mostly guarantee the remote starter for the entire duration of vehicle ownership, while the system is under warranty, it is likely that the remote itself runs out of warranty after a year. You may want to keep in mind the replacement cost. Although most vehicle warranty are not going to be void if the equipment is added, a dealer may void the warranty if they have a reason to think that the installation has resulted in damage to the vehicle. A professional remote starter company must be able to provide remotes that do not damage your vehicle.

Important Features

Transmitter Range

When selecting a transmitter range, remember to choose a more extended range. Consider that you are going to take your car to malls, restaurants, etc., so choose a range that serves your purpose.

Engine Speed Sensing Mechanism

A monitor observes your engine’s RPMs to make sure that the engine has no starting issues. This helps you to prevent damages to your vehicle if the engine encounters starting trouble. An RPM sensoris also able to transmit such an obstacle to the remote starter in some way, maybe a blinking light or so. Otherwise, you may find your vehicle to be cold when you reach it.

Cutoff Safety Switch Under the Hood

A cut off safety switch under the hood is an essential safety mechanism. It helps to turn off the car remote manually. Anytime you may be working under the car hood; the starter needs to be manually turned off to avoid the risk of injury.

Installing Keyless Entry with Your Starter

If your car has a manufacturer keyless entry facility, consider adding this feature to your remote starter. Keep in mind that the starter’s wide range can make locking and unlocking a car much easier from a long range.

Remote Car Starter System with Security Enablement

A security system can also be combined with the remote starter system.

There are many more features like heating seats, rear window defrost, etc., which can be added to your remote starter kit. Talk to Cobra, a specialist in dealing with starter remotes, auto remote starters, and HDR remote starters.