How Rust Proofing Works

Rust proofing is typically performed using an oil spray. This works because oil does not mix with water, and the oil that is used in a rust-proofing spray has added rust-inhibiting ingredients. By using a rust proofing spray once a year; usually, prior to the coldest, wettest time of the year, you can prevent rust from occurring and also slow down the progress of the rust even if it starts.

The oil spray starts working almost immediately. The second it hits the surface of the vehicle, it starts to pull away from the moisture that is on the vehicle. The oil spray is thin – as thin as the water that it is trying to deter – and this means that it can reach every little seam, moving part and weld, and ensure that it is covered in the oil. If you get rust proofing done professionally, then the technicians coat everywhere that is vulnerable to rust and this means that they need to drill holes into the body of the car to reach certain hard to reach areas. Those drill holes are treated themselves and then sealed to produce a clean, smooth and rust free finish.  

The oil spray creates a moisture-repelling bond with the metal that it is on, and it should say on there even when the car is washed. If your car gets bumped or scratched then the spray is going to naturally cover back up the smaller scratches, preventing damaged paintwork from rust.

The rust proofing may drop for a little while after the car is treated, and you need to be aware of this. It is normal, and the residue disappears from an asphalt driveway after a couple of weeks. If you park the car on a brick or concrete drive then you need to wash the oil away using a special cleaning solution, but even then the rustproofing should not cause problems. It goes away quickly.

Rust proofing helps you to protect your vehicle from damage caused by exposure to rainwater, saltwater, and the dampness associated with winter and gritted roads. The combination of road salt/grit and snow or sleet can be particularly bad for cars because any rust-vulnerable metal is likely to get dented and scratched and then exposed to an environment that is perfect for allowing the oxidation of the metal to happen.

At Cobra1 we offer rustproofing services that we highly recommend every single vehicle owner gets. Rustproofing your car helps keep it in great shape, and protects your investment if you plan on selling your car down the line. It is also an incredibly smart thing to do for those who live in places where winter comes in, as snow and slush literally stick to the underside of a car. Without rustproofing, this can cause rust to form very fast. Let the trained professionals at Cobra1 rustproof your car to protect it during all seasons.