Help Your Vehicle Send Winter Packing

Help Your Vehicle Send Winter Packing

5 Ways to Free Your Vehicle from Winter

It wasn’t a particularly long or hard winter, but it was certainly a wet, salty and all around dirty one.

But it’s over. Spring has sprung, and there’s no reason to leave your car or truck a salty, muddy, dusty mess outside.

Actually, there are good reasons to get it clean as soon as you can.

  • Salt could be corroding the body of your vehicle in ugly, visible ways.
  • Salt could be corroding the undercarriage of your vehicle, eating away at parts like the brake lines and fuel tank.
  • Grit might be wearing away at moving parts exposed at the bottom of the vehicle.

Outfit your vehicle with a new bike rack this summer.

So when the next unseasonably warm day hits, get out to the driveway or the car wash and meticulously clean these 5 areas.

1. The body

You can go at the body of your vehicle with a soft brush and some vehicle wash, but with the grittiness of the salt and grime build-up, a touchless car wash is the best choice. Just for your first wash of the year. That way, you don’t risk scratching the paint as you scrub to get the most crusted areas clean.

Wait for the temperature to slip above freezing so you don’t put any unnecessary stress on your door locks and handle mechanisms. Touchless washes can work water into areas meant to remain dry 99% of the time.

2. The undercarriage

Salt and brine can coat metal and rubber components leading to rust, cracking and expensive repairs.

Take advantage of the undercarriage wash/rinse at your touchless car wash. A good clean under the vehicle may just keep you from replacing your muffler down the road.

Upgrade to some good quality wheel well guards to protect your vehicle through the bad weather.

3. Accessories

Pay special attention to the rubber exterior parts like wiper blades, step grips, electrical wiring and mud flaps to make sure they are not bent, cracked or torn.

It’s also a good idea to check cameras and sensors to ensure they are functioning properly.

4. The interior

Clean the salt out of your floors and floor mats with this easy recipe, and use a general cleaner for any dusty or dirty plastic parts.

If you haven’t already, now is the time to purchase some custom-molded floor liners that continue to protect that freshly cleaned carpet into the muddy spring months. For the month of March, we’re giving 20% off Husky Liners. Custom fitted to give maximum protection to your make and model of vehicle.

If you want to stay organized, now is also the time to invest in a storage system for your truck or SUV.

5. The stuff you don’t see

Salt and brine can work deeper into the mechanical areas of your car than most people are able to get at.

Take your vehicle in for maintenance soon. Whether you need a regular oil change or not, having your car looked over by a professional mechanic is always a good idea at the end of the winter.

Visit us to upgrade with all the accessories you need to get the fullest use from your vehicle this year.