Essential Features To Look For When Buying A Rearview Camera

Essential Features To Look For When Buying A Rearview Camera

Rearview cameras have been a fundamental safety feature of modern vehicles for several years. Motor vehicle side and rearview mirrors are no longer the most effective tool to check for pedestrians and other cars while driving. Mirrors have significant drawbacks, including blocking the view of what’s directly behind the car below the back window and there is no wide-angle view. A backup camera system allows for a wide-angle view to make reversing and navigating less complicated and much safer.

In the market to pick up a rearview camera for your vehicle? Check out the essential features to look for when selecting your backup camera.

1. High-Quality Image Sensor

Every backup camera sensors are CCD or CMOS, which stands for “charged coupled device” and “complementary oxide semiconductor.” A CCD camera is an analog and converts light to the signal with higher video quality. CMOS backup cameras are digital, and light is converted with less power and operates most effectively in environments with less light. At Cobra Car and Truck Accessories, we offer LED and beeper parking sensors for backup and front parking to detect objects and beep when coming to contact with them to alert the driver. An affordable addition to the backup camera, our sensors help improve your driving to keep you and others safe.

2. Wired or Wireless

Although most electronic devices used now are wireless, including rearview cameras, they may not be the most effective. Wireless devices are sensitive to interference from other electronic frequencies, especially when the vehicle is being operated. A wired backup camera system provides high-quality picture display at all times whether the vehicle is in motion or stagnant. Wired rearview cameras are more reliable as the effects of interference are eliminated, which guarantees a crisp display. Our “Backup Camera OEM Interface” connected with one of our high-quality backup cameras enhances your vehicle’s safety.

3. Visible Parking Lines

Backup cameras that show the visible parking lines when reversing or entering into a tight spot are conducive to safe driving and effective parking tactics. It can be difficult to gauge the distance between cars, pedestrians and other objects without the assistance of a rearview camera. The backup camera brands in Cobra Car and Truck Accessories inventory have the option to have parking line assistance selected as on or off during installation. 

4. Infrared Night Vision

High-quality CCD backup cameras can display an easy to see pictures in dark conditions, however, it cannot in total darkness. Rearview cameras that come equipped with infrared night vision illumination turn on when lighting drops significantly and allow the image sensor to detect light. Many of the backup cameras we have available in our inventory have infrared camera features for ultimate safety. 

Cobra Car and Truck Accessories are your go-to for the most high-quality, affordable, and durable backup cameras and parking aids. Don’t neglect your safety in the vehicle, and call us today for the best motor vehicle backup camera brands available!