Choosing and Buying a Remote Starter

Choosing and Buying a Remote Starter

The concept of the remote starter is quite simple; installing one so it properly integrates with the vehicle is far more complex.

Is installation really that complex?


The most important consideration is to choose a quality shop for installation. There are many shops, even mobile online installers of remote starters. You may fare okay the majority of the time, but when there’s a problem it’s not small.

What can go wrong?

  • Your vehicle is beyond the competence level of the installer.
  • Your vehicle is damaged and they refuse to fix/pay for repairs.
  • You can’t find anyone when there is a problem.
  • You can get obsolete or refurbished product.
  • They go out of business and you have a warranty issue.

Each starter model integrates differently with each vehicle model, and your installer needs to be highly knowledgeable with the product. It’s best to choose an installer with a business history of at least 10 years, if not more.

What about the product itself?

A good shop does not sell inferior or refurbished product. They only want to see their customer when it’s time to purchase something new.

Remote starters vary in the features they offer and the distance they can start the car from.

One Way Remote Starters send a signal from a remote to the receiving unit installed in the car. There is a visual signal by the parking lights that confirm the signal was received by the car. Different technologies increase the effective distance from 150m to 1.5km.

Two Way Remote Starters send a signal from a remote to the car and then there is a confirmation signal sent back to the remote. These starters tend to cover a distance of 750m to 1.5km.

3xLock is a starter that uses your factory remote to start the car. Using the factory remote is possible on an expanding number of vehicles. Distance is limited to the transmission distance of your factory remote.