Car Window Tinting and UV Ray Protection

Car Window Tinting and UV Ray Protection

Many people do not realize that UV rays are not just harmful when standing outside but also when you are driving inside your car. UV rays can affect you when you are driving, and if you spend a lot of time in your vehicle or take long road trips, you may experience skin damage over time. The good news is that you can minimize these risks by tinting your car windows, as this will offer you protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and will also provide you with a number of other benefits as well.

UV rays can affect your health and your car because they are powerful, so you will notice their impact on your skin and eyes. When it comes to your vehicle, you will notice fading materials as UV rays have the ability to penetrate through your car’s windows, and you would be exposed to its harmful effects as a result. A lot of drivers do not realize the extent of the damage that UV rays can cause, so it’s important to be mindful of this aspect.

Window tinting can help in this regard, and applying a thin laminate film to your vehicle's windows will provide you with the ideal tint. Your windows will become darker, and UV rays will not be able to enter inside your vehicle, so you would be protected and would not have to worry about damage to your health or car while you drive. The darker the tint, the less light that will be able to enter your car, and this will be based on a percentage that you can discuss with the installer. A solution consisting of water and soap will first be sprayed onto your vehicle’s windows, after which the film will then be applied. The installer will then remove the liner and remove any excess solution, and an adhesive would be activated, which will secure the film to your windows. Not only would this prevent UV rays from coming inside your car, it would also update your car's appearance by elevating its look to make it more stylish.

Tinting your windows is an effective way of protecting yourself and any passengers from the sun because you would be able to block up to 99% of harmful rays, depending on the tint you select. UV rays will also impact your car’s interior, and tinting will help with this as well. Fabrics, leather, and plastics that absorb UV light will fade, and the colour of your interior will change over time. Some interior components can also weaken or break down but tinting your windows would prevent this from happening.

Temperature control, privacy, security, and style are additional benefits of window tinting, so this is something every driver should consider. If you are interested in this solution, Cobra Car and Truck can help! We specialize in car window tinting, so if you are in need of this service, contact us today!