Best Headache Rack for your Pickup Truck –Top Five

Best Headache Rack for your Pickup Truck –Top Five

(also referred to as Cab Protector and Front Truck Rack)

1. BackRack

Headache Racks are what BackRack makes.  Multiple versions with a complete assortment of valuable add-ons means you will get the most functional product for your needs.  A properly thought out product that uses mounting systems that are vehicle specific, secure and require no drilling of your truck box.  BackRack also offers tonneau cover mounting brackets to allow their racks to work seamlessly with most tonneau covers, hard or soft.  All products use black powder coated steel.

2. Aries Automotive

Aries makes the Advantage Headache Rack using aluminum.  The Advantage Rack is an attractive unit available in silver/gray or black.  The Advantage rack works with many truck box tonneau covers.  Other models include the SwitchBack and Classic Headache Racks

3. Westin Automotive

Westin offers the HD and HLR model Headache Racks.  The HD is black steel and should allow install of a cross over tool box or many truck bed tonneau covers.  The HLR model is made from aluminum and includes no drill install hardware. It is not an designrd to fit together with tool boces or tonneau covers.

4. DeeZee Products

DeeZee offers and Front Truck Rack made from aluminum in black and silver.   It is a multi vehicle product that will work with a crossover tool box or most tonneau covers after some modifications to the rack.

5. WeatherGuard Outfitting

The WeatherGuard Cab Protector is manufactured from steel and is available in a black or white finish.  The Cab Extender is a semi universal product.  It will accommodate a tool box but not a tonneau cover.

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