Benefits of Heated Car Seats

Benefits of Heated Car Seats

In 2011, The Legal Examiner reported that about 30% of cars today come with heated seats. The numbers haven’t changed much since then. Nearly 300 auto models are equipped with seats that warm the posterior in the cold months.

General Motors (GM) was the pioneer in this category. The seats looked like heated pads then. It was Saab that first designed heated seats the way we know today. The idea was to add more comfort to long winter drives, but this feature is not restricted to luxury models alone anymore. Affordable family cars such as Chevrolet, Mitsubishi and Toyota are popular for their heated seats too. The bottom line is, are there other advantages to heated car seats beyond warming the butt? What other reasons are responsible for the rush for vehicles installed with this feature? Below we explain more.

Back Pain Relief

As desk jobs, long commutes and sedentary lifestyles increase so do spinal problems. 80% of people suffer from back pain of some sort or suffer from it at some point in their lives. An effective way to relieve back pain is by applying heat. But on long commutes, that’s seldom possible. As a result, the pain worsens with time, eventually acting up even on short commutes. Heated seats are an effective remedy in such cases. Saab started their first heated seats as a way to dispel back pain too. The tradition continues.

Conserves Energy

Why do you need heated seats when you have car heating? The answer is simple. Car heating does not provide targeted heating while warm seats do. Car heating does not provide uniform heating, hence passengers at the back may not be as warm as the driver in the front seat. Heated car seats provide targeted heating. This helps conserve energy and gas because you may not have to turn on the heating at all. The seats emit some heat into the air so the car as a whole is warmed up to an extent. On extremely cold days, you can turn on the car heating along with heated seats.

Individual Control

If you are not in agreement with the driver or other passengers in the back about the car’ temperature, heated seats give you the option of individual temperature control. Just turn on the warmth under your seat with the touch of a button and stay snug. This works well in warmer weather too when different people in the car experience different degrees of heat.

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