Benefits of a Tonneau Cover Upgrade for Your Truck

Benefits of a Tonneau Cover Upgrade for Your Truck

A tonneau cover is a hard or soft cover to shield unoccupied passenger seats or cargo space in an area of a car or truck. A hard tonneau cover can be opened by a folding mechanism. A soft one can be rolled up. When you pull out the cover, items can be protected from the sun.

Tonneau covers are convenient and visually appealing. They cover up unsightly truck beds, but there’s more to it.

Weather Protection and Security

A tonneau cover protects your cargo from thieves. There are various types available. Some can be painted to make your truck look brighter. Others come with rack systems to carry all kinds of items from kayaks to ladders. There are bed liners available to fit over any tonneau cover you choose.

Luggage Safety

A tonneau truck makes it easy to haul equipment. Whether it is a bed full of mulch or a truckload of luggage, your tonneau cover can keep it protected from rain, snow, wind and the scorching sun, throughout the year. Your cover conceals your goods from thieves. Some of them come with a locking system that protects the truck bed further. Your wares don’t shift around, crack or spill with the wind toppling things over. They arrive at your destination intact, just the way you placed them.

Better Gas Mileage

Your tonneau cover is aerodynamically designed so your bed generates less air drag. With this simple improvement, your gas mileage can increase by as much as 5% to 10%, compared to an open bed. This is an advantage that is hard to ignore. It helps you save money from low gas mileage and keep the truck bed in good shape, so your vehicle continues to remain in good shape.

Easy to Install Soft Tonneau Covers

Installation depends on the design. A soft tri-fold cover is easier to install without the help of extra tools. Covers that require rails can take up to an hour to install with the support of additional hand tools such as tightened clamps. Some brands require a bit of drilling, especially if there are no bed rails or clamps for fastening securely.

Cleaning Tonneau Covers

It is important to protect your tonneau cover and keep it well maintained, so it continues to protect your truck. Clean with simple soap and water for best results. You can clean with a protectant such as Pro-Tex too. Vinyl tonneaus need a UV protectant such as Extang Tonno Tonic once in a while to keep it looking good. But most retractable covers need routine mechanical maintenance. You need to lubricate the rails occasionally for easy movement.

Cover Options and Leading Brands

Select your tonneau cover based on your security and access needs. There are various options you can choose from:

  • Solid fold
  • Backflip folding
  • Rollback
  • Fibreglass

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