Backup Camera Features You Didn’t Know You Needed

Backup Camera Features You Didn’t Know You Needed

Backup cameras can do more than just record footage. They can also come with a wide range of features that you may not have even known about. Not only are these features impressive, but they also make the camera more functional, safer and more effective around.

Check out these backup camera features:


Backup cameras can also help you see in the dark using infrared technology. It is a handy feature considering a lot of accidents happen at night when vision is especially compromised.

It’s essential to know a backup camera’s lux rating when looking to add infrared capabilities to it. This is simply a measure of how much light a camera requires to function correctly. For example, if a backup camera has a lux rating of 0.1, then it can still operate under the light of a full moon. A lux rating of one is the same level of brightness at dusk while zero is absolute darkness. Once the level of light in the environment reaches below the camera’s lux rating, you need infrared or night vision features to project images.

If you often drive at night, then a camera with infrared technology is a must-have.

Audio Monitoring

Audio capabilities are not a standard feature included with many backup cameras. However, cameras that offer this feature are usually not much more expensive than those that don’t. By supplementing your camera with a microphone system, you can quickly get a live audio feed. Audio monitoring can be useful for RVs, trailers and other larger vehicles as it allows the driver to hear if things go wrong. For example, you are able to identify when something comes undone on a trailer.


The covering on your rearview camera is also an important factor. If you live in an area that gets plenty of precipitation, then a waterproof case is an essential feature.

When looking for a waterproof camera, look out for the Ingress Protection (IP) rating as it measures the ability of an enclosure to keep out foreign material such as dust, dirt or water. IP Rating measurements are two digits: the first is on a scale of zero to six and indicates how well it protects against particles solid matter while the second is on a scale of zero to eight and measures water protection. Generally, you should get a backup camera with an IP rating of at least IP66 or IP67 for sufficient water protection.

Shock and Vibration Ratings

When purchasing a camera, you should consider the environment you are going to use it in. For example, if you do a lot of travelling, you can encounter bumpy roads. When travelling through rough terrain, your backup camera should be able to absorb the vibrations and shock. Rough drives are probably going to damage or break your device if it is not built to withstand it.

Backup cameras are only as useful as their features. When selecting one for your car, truck, RV or trailer, include these top safety features with it. Call us today to find out more or browse our site to see what other products we have.