All The Ways Rust Damages Your Car

All The Ways Rust Damages Your Car

Rust is not only unappealing to look at, but it can also damage your car in many ways! Rust is the result of the metal being exposed to moisture. Rust can be worse in areas with more salt, especially by the coast, because of how it speeds up the chemical reaction that leads to rusting. This can lead to corrosion and affect your car’s ability to perform efficiently and with ease.

Luckily, maintaining your car’s interior and exterior often can help prevent rust from causing issues to the car. It’s helpful to be aware of just how serious rust corrosion can be, so we’ve put together all the ways rust damages your car: 

Damage To The Engine

Rust eats away at the metal, and it’s possible for it to eat away at the engine’s compartment area. This can weaken the exhaust system affects the trunk area by making the trunk more susceptible to water leaks or air leaks. Most vehicles now have water drains situated within them, which stops water from reaching areas that are especially vulnerable to rust. This protects the engine, however, if the drains get clogged, the water can spill over into the engine and potentially result in rusting.

Exterior Damage To The Car

Bodypaint is a type of rust protection that is standard for most modern vehicles. This form of protection allows for the metal part of the car from coming into contact with moisture from the air. 

That protects it from rust, however, when the car’s paint is chipped or scratched, even has had sap from trees land on it, then the metal becomes exposed. When even the smallest scratch allows for exposure, the car can begin to rust. Thankfully, most smaller rust spots are relatively easy to repair, but rust that has not been taken care of will worsen. 

If the body panel of the car is rusted, it can become loose and result in a vehicle that is a potential driving hazard. Passengers in the vehicle, as well as other drivers on the road, are at risk. If a loose panel comes off while driving, that can cause an accident.

Damage To The Electrical Systems

This especially applies to more modern vehicles that have various electrical components installed in the vehicle. Corrosion to these electronic devices is highly likely, due to the metal components that they’re made up of. Electrical systems in the vehicle are also often in close proximity to other metal components in the car.

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