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Remote Kill Switch Packages - Pro+


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- Remote kill switch with complete alarm system and vehicle tracking

- Alarm with siren, tilt sensor, motion sensor, shock sensor and glass breakage sensor 

- 1 x T13 2-way LCD remote, 1 x R5 2-way LED remote (15,000ft / 3 mile)

- 2-way remote will alert you when alarm is triggered provided you are within range

- Proximity lock and unlock/arm and disarm 

- Tracking (Monthly fee not included in package price) 

Add on options: 

Remote Starter (For Pro or Pro+ Packages) 

- Relocate Horn 

- Keyless Touch Entry System 

- TAG Recovery System 

This system ELIMINATES the ability to start the vehicle. This system is imbedded in the vehicle in a manner that requires more time then a thief can afford to take to steal your vehicle. 

The installation is more important then the product. The unit must be hidden using materials similar to the manufactures wiring. This ensures thieves take the maximum time to get around the system. A high quality anti-theft system will result in the thief looking for a different vehicle. Cobra has multpile theft attempts thwarted by our installs. 

Protect your expensive investments and have peace of mind with a budget friendly, vehicle specific security & theft prevention solution today at Cobra Car Protection!

The vehicle will not start even if the unit is removed or disabled. This offers far better security then the traditional starter kill. The system can be upgraded to add remote start and a vehicle recovery system. 

Remote Kill Switch Packages - Pro+Remote Kill Switch Packages - Pro+